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Video: Making a Downtempo beat on Maschine

After encouragement from a few sources, I've decided to start getting consistent with creating beat making videos. This is my first one that looks somewhat decent. I'm sure they'll start to improve as I do more. I'm just trying to capture the process of having no idea what I'm going to make then watching how it molds into something tangible. Mostly when I produce, I rarely have an idea of what type of track I'm going for...just go with what sounds good and sparks ideas. This one came out slow and dark...a common trend of my recent music. For my album, I'm looking to have a lot of relaxing, beach type feeling tracks mixed with spacey tracks that you'd listen to while driving overnight on a road trip...possibly while enjoying a left handed cigarette...who knows what's gonna happen. The first video is the making of in the studio and the second is the final version of the record which I am calling "Reality Shift". Been learning about some new possibilities lately... there are some interesting theories out there.

FInal Mastered recording of "Reality Shift":

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