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Why I use Maschine

I always sound like a broken record whenever I talk to anyone about Maschine but it really has been a game changer for me on so many levels. From sound quality to production flow, this tool really has helped me level up my production game. I love producing hip hop beats and while you can make any genre you want, its especially awesome for hip hop.

A few years ago, when I started getting feedback on my productions from industry professionals, I noticed a common remark that gave me a lot of insight. They usually said the compositions and musical arrangement had potential but the sounds I was using lacked quality and originality. Until then, I had payed a lot of attention to the affects (reverb, chorus, etc) but I was spending too much time trying to get a unique sound using stock tools. Since getting on Maschine, my eyes have been opened to a world of new sounds and awesome ways of tweaking them to be your own. I've used a few different workstations but I've mainly enjoyed using logic. While there are many ways to source creative sounds in logic, I found it way easier to find and rethink amazing sounds just within the stock Maschine library.

The workflow in Maschine is unmatched in both studio and performance environments. In most programs, you'll find yourself clicking on the mouse 90% of the time while maybe only performing/recording music 10%. Not the case with Maschine. This workstation makes things feel like you're playing an instrument again because its all tangible. I'm a drummer and I'm all about having that human feel. I can't just click in the notes and call it music....that's me though. If you like original MPCs, it still has that feel... now just way more tools and sounds at your fingertips. You can have that drumming feel on the pads then you can still do song arranging and effect editing on the hardware. Holler with any questions on Maschine.

With love,


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