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Getting the Most out of Your Recording:



By first analyzing your track's production style, your record will be mastered in to bring out the best while ensuring it plays well next to other music in your genre. Imagine having your song played on the radio and it's 5 decibels quieter than the song before it.. not a good look. For album mastering, it's important the qualities of each track have commonality across the whole album. It's like the final coat of sealant over a painting that ties the whole thing together. The mastering process is vital and ensures to achieve the professional sound your song deserves. Based on what is learned by analyzing your track, I professionally tailor a unique combination of post-production processors like compressors, EQs, and limiters to bring the best version of the recording to the listener. Your record will be rendered in all desired formats included with IRC tags to ensure that your metadata stays with your track as it travels around the world.  48-hour turnaround.

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$100 / Master.

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