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Tyler August is an electronic music producer currently recording in Austin, Texas. He is a West Point graduate, retired Army Captain, and combat veteran. Tyler began his career as a musician at the early age of four when his dad pulled his old 'Norma' drum set from the garage.


Since learning drums, his repertoire has expanded to guitar, piano, electronic production, and even performing with the rap group, Renegade 6. Growing up, Tyler performed with the Hickory High School marching band's drum line. His love of percussion drove him to seek out and perform with the Lenior-Rhyne Percussion Ensemble, an all percussion group comparable to 'Stomp'.


Tyler's experience with recording music came out of necessity as he was eager to record his rock bands with friends growing up. Being the 'go-to' for recording music, he began to dig into the role as a producer and started making beats on his laptop while a cadet at the United States Military Academy. After commissioning into the Army as an officer, he continued his music career on the side selling instrumentals to local rappers and performing with Renedage 6.


He served as a Platoon Leader in support of Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan. Today, while recording electronic, lo-fi and hip hop music, he also helps engineer on a number of projects across all genres. Tyler enjoys surfing, skateboarding, skydiving, scuba diving and traveling.

Tylr August Studio Maschine
maschine tyle august magerkurth studio long exposure
tyler august magerkurth sniper rifle afghanistan
 tyler august skydiving skydive
Going in on a wave or two in Costa Rica.
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